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How to Escape Prague’s Crowds of Tourists

Neil Brinckerhoff

Prague – some call it The City of a Hundred Spires – has many amazing attractions for first-time or returning visitors. But sometimes Old Town and the center feel a bit like Disneyland in the busy months. As a tour guide here, I like to recommend places outside of the typically visited areas so that visitors can experience what life here is really like.

Here’s some of my favorite ways to enjoy Prague outside of the center for your next visit to the golden city.


1. Beer Gardens

No better way to experience the life of locals than at a beer garden. Spring, summer, and any warm fall days are spent with friends over a few beers enjoying the outdoors. Of course, beer isn’t the only option – but the Czech’s drink more beer than anyone else in the world, so it’s in your best interest to join in!

It doesn’t hurt that our best beer gardens come hand-in-hand with some of Prague’s best views.

A favorite among locals is Riegrovy Sady. A large beer garden in the park, and it has TV screens for any big sporting game. Once it nears time for the sunset, you can take a short walk to a busy hill where everyone watches the sun go down behind the Prague Castle.

Another popular spot is Letná Park. Follow the stairs up to the Metronome and you will stumble upon a postcard perfect view of the Vltava river. During the summer you can also find the Stalin Bar (aptly named after the world’s biggest Stalin statue that used to stand in place of the Metronome). If you are looking for tables and chairs, it’s only a 5 minute walk to the beer garden – with plenty of seating overlooking the city.


2. Hipster Spots

A true traveller knows that you have got to get yourself to where the locals live to see the real city. Prague’s Letná and Zizkov regions are the best places to start.

A short walk from the Metronome is the area of Prague called Letná. Sandwiched between two massive parks, the area has a special local tranquility. Many tourists find themselves in the massive National Museum building Veletrzni Palac, enjoying works from a whole spectrum of artists like Mucha and Van Gogh.

Foodies have found themselves thriving in Letná recently. With new places open constantly, it’s hard to keep track. I’m a big proponent of wandering around to find something that catches your eye. If you are someone who needs suggestions, here’s a short list of places to check out: Bistro 8, Cobra, Mr. Hotdog, Salt & Peppa Kitchen, Cafe Letka.

Czechs like to have themselves a good drink. And if you are also looking to quench your thirst – look no further than Zizkov. Easy find thanks to its iconic TV Tower, Zizkov is hipster heaven. With a little bit of leftover grunge, Zizkov also claims to have the most concentrated bars and pubs in Europe. You can find over 300 drinking venues in its 5 square km radius. Just go for a short walk, and you’ll certainly find a place to stop in for a bit.


3. Breweries

A true Czech national treasure, Pilsner beers have a special place in the Czech culture. Sure you can find lots of unique beers in the center – but venture out a little bit and you’ll find more special (and cheaper!) ones.

Local and craft beer can be found at the Hostivar Brewery. With a big summer garden and delicious food, come and enjoy an afternoon with friends and you won’t regret it.

Hope on the metro to get yourself to Richter Brewery where you can have affordable beer surrounded by locals. They typically have 3-4 of their beers, which is enough once you find your favorite.

Monastery beers are popular too! If you get yourself to Brevnov you can try beer from a Monastery that has been in the brewing game since the 10th century!


With these suggestions, I hope your next visit Prague feels less crowded, and much more local.


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