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How to Survive a Night Out in Dublin

Marriette Rough

Dublin is renowned for many things, calm quiet nights in, are not one of them. If you are heading to Dublin, we want you to survive. Or at the very least know what to expect and how to come out on top. To be fair letting Dublin chew you up and spit you out, may well be one of highlights of your life.


Do Something Cultural in the Day Time

How to avoid regret after your Dublin trip? Do something cultural in the day, before darkness falls and the drinks start flowing. This way when your mum asks you how it was, you can say something other than you lost your shoes on a frosty February night because you had a bet, with three guys from the Trinity Rugby Team, that you couldn’t throw them on to the pub’s roof. Facing the opposite way. Whilst drinking a double whiskey. We have three history tours on offer in Dublin – our Free Walking Tour, Howth Day Tour and the North Side Tour. Get one of those in you and your parents will be beaming!

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Take out a Loan

Your bank account is going to take a serious beating. There is no real way around it. The sooner you come to terms with that the happier you will be. Some bars actually increase the price of pints by the hour. We advise saving up beforehand; sell your Faberge eggs, sell the deeds to your house/car/prized bull. Spending a fortune on beers in Dublin is not something you will be worried about on your death bed. So just roll with it and live like a pauper as soon as you get home.

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Learn the Words to Bohemian Rhapsody

The Irish have many talents. Perhaps the most fun is their ability to turn any gathering into a musical treat. Expect to hear music in every bar. Every. Bar. If someone happens to start a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which is highly likely, consider it your time to shine and get involved.

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Chat to the Locals

If there was ever a country to just start yapping away with the locals, it’s Ireland. If you are stood in a bus stop, there will be chat. If you are waiting for the bathroom, there will be chat. Bring your A-Game, as the Irish are quick witted folk.


Doing Guinness Properly

There is a fine yet simple art to drinking Guinness. It takes a while to pour, so if you are ordering a round at the bar, make sure to order the Guinness first so the bartenders can make a start on them. Wait for it to settle and only then should you take your first sip of the ebony nectar. If you want to avoid tumbleweeds then stay away from requesting it with a dash of blackcurrant.

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The Cure

The Irish make a mean breakfast. Which is lucky because you’re going to need it the following morning. We’re talking Sausages, Bacon, Black Pudding, Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms, Soda Bread and Potato Farl. All washed down with Barry’s Tea. Ideally plan the night before where you are going to go, save the route in your phone even. And then the final survival tactic? Make sure to have a bed that you can climb back in to.


Feel like exploring Dublin’s nightlife with a gang of like-minded travellers? Then join up to our SANDEMANs Pub Crawl. Expect the ‘Craic to be 90’.



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