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Riga: The Jewel of the Baltic

Welcome to Riga, a city where history and modernity blend seamlessly along the shores of the Daugava River. Latvia’s vibrant capital invites you to explore its stunning architecture, rich cultural heritage, and lively atmosphere.

Start your journey in Riga’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander through its cobblestone streets, admiring the beautifully preserved medieval buildings. Don’t miss the iconic House of the Blackheads, a striking Gothic facade that tells tales of the city’s Hanseatic past.

Climb St. Peter’s Church tower for panoramic views of Riga’s skyline. The church itself, with its towering spire and intricate details, is a masterpiece of Gothic and Baroque architecture.

Discover the elegance of Riga’s Art Nouveau district, home to some of the finest examples of this architectural style in Europe. Stroll down Alberta Street and marvel at the ornate facades, each building a work of art in its own right.

Relax in the lush greenery of Vermanes Garden, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Enjoy a leisurely walk or a coffee at one of the park’s charming cafes.

Indulge in Riga’s culinary scene, where traditional Latvian dishes meet contemporary flavors. Try local specialties like grey peas with bacon or smoked fish, and don’t miss the chance to sample Riga Black Balsam, a traditional herbal liqueur.

Join a Free Walking Tour to uncover Riga’s hidden gems with knowledgeable local guides. From the historic Riga Castle to the bustling Central Market, each step reveals a new facet of this enchanting city.

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In the near future, we will be partnering with a fantastic local tour operator in Riga to bring you a range of immersive and unforgettable tours of this incredible city. Riga is a destination with an abundance of historical and cultural treasures, and our collaboration with a trusted local expert will provide you with the best opportunities to explore it to the fullest.

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