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10 Do’s and Don’ts in Paris

Marriette Rough

International law dictates that you have to visit Paris at least once in your life. You will not regret it. But Spoiler Alert – you will not be alone. There will be tourists, lots of tourists. Impressively it’s the second most visited city in Europe, after our old mate London. Follow our simple rules to avoid Le Stress and your trip will be as smooth as a Pinot Noir.


DO: Take your sweet time…

Firstly relax, Paris undeniably has a lot to see and do but if you spend your days running around like a headless Poulet trying to tick it all off, then you are guaranteed a bad time. Paris is about café culture, it’s about people watching. Grab a table outside, order wine in the middle of the day and watch the world away.

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DON’T: Make it easy for pickpockets…

Tourists and Pickpockets go hand-in-hand, or as the case may be hand-in-pocket. Like wolves to the flock, wherever there are tourists, there are pickpockets. Stay smart kids. If there is a safe in your hotel room, use it. Don’t walk around Paris with every valuable item you own. Guys, keep your wallet in your front pocket and wrap an elastic band around it, so you’ll feel it being lifted.

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DO: Learn some French phrases…

Obviously, the normal pleasantries will go down a treat: Hello/Goodbye/Please/Thanks – Bonjour/Au Revoir/S’il Vous Plait/Merci. Then we have the important stuff; Can you point me in the direction of the closest bottle of wine? Montre-moi la bouteille de vin la plus proche? Get your French school book out and have a few phrases at the ready.


DON’T: Believe the rumours…

Parisians have long been battling the stereotype of being rude. Sure, some are, but most aren’t – start every interaction politely and you will be just fine.

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DO: Go to the Catacombs…

The Catacombs are underground ossuaries built in an old quarry spread beneath the city. It was created to deal with the over-flowing cemeteries of the 18th Century. Essentially you will be walking through an incredibly well-designed maze of remains; 6 million peoples’ remains to be exact. Sounds Macabre, because it is, but this will be an experience you will never forget.


DON’T: Rely on credit cards…

Most European cities are slightly behind with the times when it comes to electronic payments. You can expect a croissant to the face if you try to pay for it with your credit card. Make sure you always have some cash on you.

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DO: Ride the Metro…

You haven’t been to Paris if you haven’t been on the Metro. It’s a rite of passage to get lost in the labyrinthine Metro system, so stay cool when that inevitably happens. Keep hold of your ticket once you’ve gone through the turnstiles as you may also need it for your exit.

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DON’T: Stop Eating…

Ideally you should be chewing solidly for somewhere between 80-90% of your time in Paris. Eat Baguettes. Eat Cheese. Eat Snails. Eat Macaroons. Eat food that is illegal in other countries. There are no calories in France, so you have literally nothing to worry about. Suggested time to stop eating is when you board your flight home.

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DO: Your research…

Paris can be overwhelming, so do your research. If you don’t want to queue 5 hours for the Eiffel Tower, purchase a ‘skip the line’ ticket for a few extra euros. Your time in the city will be much more enjoyable if you’ve done your homework.

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DON’T: Be a WIFI hunter…

There is nothing more heart-breaking than watching tourists in Paris flick aimlessly through their smart phones. Stop staring at your screen and start staring at everything else. Maybe less staring, more casually looking around. If you need a map of Paris on your phone, download it so you can use it offline, or go old-school and ask strangers. Every time you ask for WIFI, a fairy dies, so think on.



What better way to absorb Paris’s history and culture than by having our extremely good-looking and especially charming guides show you around. Our FREE TOUR OF PARIS runs five times a day! If you want to explore the rest of Paris we also have a MONTMARTRE DISTRICT TOUR, a CITY OF LIGHTS TOUR, a LATIN QUARTER TOUR and a VERSAILLES TOUR.

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Roberto B.

Saturday, August 7th, 2021. I was on the Montmartre Walking Tour led by François. He is very knowledgeable and, despite the heavy rain, managed to make the tour memorable. He inspired and pushed me to investigate more into the impressionists. Definitely to recommend! Thanks, François! Thanks Sandeman Tour!

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