Halloween Sandemans 2

7 Scary Stories from All Over Europe to Get You Excited About Halloween!

Do you like telling scary stories at Halloween? Hoping to best your friends with a story more chilli ...

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Halloween Sandemans

The Best Way to Celebrate Halloween all over Europe

Halloween is a funny time of year. As we get older and the years roll by, this night stays mostly th ...

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Berlin Wall 1

Did David Hasselhoff Bring Down the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall stood for 28 years. That was 28 years of political, ideological and physical divide ...

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Berlin Restaurants 1

Berlin's Best International Restaurants

As you walk the streets of Berlin, you are just as likely to hear Spanish, English, Turkish, Italian ...

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Bowie in Berlin 3
Photo: Reddit

David Bowie in Berlin

Even if you are not a David Bowie fan, you probably found it hard to avoid the news of his death on ...

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GEN Travel 6

14 Ingenious Hacks for Travellers on a Shoestring Budget

1. We already know to enable private browsing when searching for flights online (repeated searches d ...

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London Apple Market

London's Markets Mapped

There's something for everyone at London's markets; from flowers to food, clothes to collectables an ...

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Berlin Bar 1

Your New Watering Hole in Berlin's Mitte

With world famous techno-clubs, quirky bars dreamed up by mad geniuses and a Späti on most corners, ...

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new york midtown walking tour

Welcome to New York City!

The city which provides travelers with hundreds of neighborhoods and communities to explore. No matt ...

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Berlin Gen Travel

What to do in West Berlin

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the former East Berlin has become the true beating heart ...

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