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7 Unmissable Valentine’s Day Experiences in Munich

Sam Blurton

There’s no city on earth that can match Paris for romance: it is the City of Love, after all. It’s as beautiful in the daytime as it is at sunset, so whether you join us on our Free Tour or on our City of Lights Tour, Paris is always a good idea. Of course, not everyone can make the trip here: but then again, do you need to? If you’re in, let’s say, Munich, there’s no shortage of romantic things to do! Of course, you may think the Germans are a little too serious for that kind of affection, but you would be surprised! Read on!


1. Hang a love lock on Wittelsbach bridge

Where does this strange tradition come from? Well, you have Italian author Federico Moccia’s seminal novel I want you to thank (or blame) for this. Just as in Rome, where the tradition started, you’ll find couples hanging ‘love locks’ all over Munich’s bridges, too, but it’s where the impressive Wittelsbach bridge crosses the river Isar where most of the tributes hang. So, if you find yourself a little more fond of your partner after experiencing this magical city, this is the prime location you’ll want to snap up!

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2. Picture the perfect pet at Munich Animal Rescue Centre

Fine tune your Instagram game, spend quality time together – and enjoy the company of some adorable animals in need. What’s not to love? The folks at Canon have teamed up with the Munich Animal Rescue Centre to offer a one-of-a-kind, one-off photography course this Valentine’s Day, where you and your partner can learn to take professional-quality shots of your furry/feathery/scaly friends using adorable rescues as models! And, with a portion of the ticket sales going directly to the animal shelter, this is a bit of indulgence you can really feel good about!

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash


3. Enjoy gourmet grub at a grand German gala

If you’re looking to go big on Valentine’s Day, Club Heart’s 3 Course Gala Dinner is the place to blow out and really spoil that special someone in your life. We’re talking a “Wagyu Beef, Truffle Pasta and gilded Ice Cream”-level blowout. You’ll need to dig deep, but what else is Valentine’s Day for, but going the extra mile? And, with the Gala taking place at one of Munich’s premiere nightclubs, you can boogie off all that food till the early hours – or head out for a döner kebab afterwards (who are we to tell you how to spend the night?).

Photo by Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash


4. Go wild at Munich’s Tierpark

That’s ‘zoo’ to you and me. And Munich’s is one of the world’s best, with a planet’s worth of animals to see, from Polar Bears to Pachyderms (Elephants and the like). There’s no better place to monkey around with your partner, and if you’re willing to stretch your neck out, you can even book a romantic tour for two in the evening! Though if you want to see all 19,000 of the animals crawling, roaming, slithering and flying around the grounds, you might want to bring night-vision goggles. Or come in the daytime.

Photo by Lukas K on Unsplash


5. Visit a fairytale castle with your Prince(ss)

Bavaria is one of Germany’s most beautiful regions, and just a stone’s throw from metropolitan Munich is an alpine paradise with is it’s own crown jewel – the magnificent Castle of Neuschwanstein. Not just gorgeous to look at, nestled as it is in some of the most resplendent countryside you’ll ever see, the stories of Ludwig, the “Mad King” who had it built are also intriguing, to say the least. Whatever your motive, a day out in this fairytale locale is ideal for those who like a bit of Disney-style romance and storytelling: after all, the castle did inspire that of the Magic Kingdom!

Neuschwanstein Castle Tour


6. Impress your true love with more than a bouquet!

What’s more traditional than handing your true love a red rose on Valentine’s Day? Well, you might want to ditch the tradition and impress the socks off them by walking through a living bouquet of more than 16,000 different species of plants at the Munich Botanical Gardens! You might even start to feel butterflies in your stomach – though we can’t condone eating any of the beautiful tropical butterflies housed at the special exhibition that runs at this time of year. You might be as happy with a trip to the gorgeous Orchid House or stunning Viktoriahaus instead!

Photo by Marcel Heil on Unsplash


7. Alternative plans

Remember that you don’t always need to splash the cash to show someone how much you love them! It’s very easy to enjoy memorable experiences in Munich without getting the wallet out. There are plenty of nice spots to watch the sunset together, or to enjoy a peaceful picnic. If you want to find a few hidden gems for a special moment with your beloved, join our Free Tour! Guides can give you the lowdown on the locals’ favourite Valentine’s haunts, as well as an insider’s view of the amazing history and culture of the city. From trundling around the Englischer Garten in a horse-drawn carriage to finding a Venetian-style gondola ride in the heart of Bavaria, our guides know some pretty cool tips! For now, though, we’ll leave the rest of it to your Romeo or Juliet.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at SANDEMANs!

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Original text by Rebeca San Cristobal. Translated by Sam Blurton.


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