View of the Hungarian Parlement Budapest
Go Zeppelin Tours is our trusted partner in Budapest - Hungary

Go Zeppelin Tours Budapest

About Go Zeppelin Tours

Are you looking for a historical tour with so much information that you will end up forgetting in the blink of an eye?

Are you sure? Go Zeppelin Tours are a team of guides in love with Budapest and accredited by the Hungarian government, who one day decided to take the plunge and set out to tell you the history of this city in a different, entertaining way.

Of course you’ll be given plenty of information, stories, dates, anecdotes, fun facts… But you are also going to learn about politics, art, religion and some of the most controversial moments in the history of this country, all in order to understand its current situation and enjoy and appreciate its culture.

At Go Zeppelin Tours we are guides but we are also travelers like you.

We know that it is difficult to retain a lot of the information received after a tour, so our goal is not to teach history, but to understand it. We can tell you right now that you won’t probably remember any specific dates by the time you get home, but you will remember the stories behind those numbers. You will leave with the certainty that you got to see the city from a unique and real point of view, far removed from the idyllic and fictitious image that most city guides offer you.

Go Zeppelin Tours in Budapest

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