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Florence Free Tour-Tale

About Florence Free Tour-Tale

In 2019 we created this cultural project, Florence Free Tour-Tale, to share our love of the city with its visitors. In our group of friends and licensed tour guides you’ll find many different backgrounds: art historians, musicians, journalists, architects, painters… but all of us have something in common: our passion for Florence and the will to explain it in an engaging way, as if it was a tale.

Tour-Tale isn’t just a brand but also our style and philosophy, our way to show you our hometown in a friendly and easy-going way, like a storyteller. Come and dive with us into its many stories, funny anecdotes and curiosities, that will make you travel into the past and live it as if you were the main character.

After this tour, you’ll see Florence from a completely different standpoint, and you’ll be able to decipher its symbols, and read its architecture and statues by yourself, as if you wore Renaissance glasses.

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