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Get 15% off SANDEMANs Tours with HostelPass


After spending years finding all of the best that Europe has to offer, the HostelPass team has curated a selection of vetted accommodations, tours, experiences, museums and more, and secured discounts of up to 40% for all of them.

We are very proud to have been chosen by HostelPass as one of the best tour companies in Europe, and we’re happy to offer its member a 15% discount on selected SANDEMANs tours.

Don’t have a HostelPass yet? Get your first HostelPass with our exclusive 20% off discount code: SNE20.


5 Things We Love About HostelPass

1. Great Value For Money

Priced at just €24.99, the HostelPass makes a great purchase (or gift) for any travel lover. The HostelPass is valid for an entire year, but you’ll likely make your money back and more after just two days in a new city, depending on where you stay and what activities you book.

When you book a tour or hostel via HostelPass, you get a unique discount code to pay directly with the tour company or hostel themselves. Booking direct means getting the absolute best (and cheapest) rates, and with HostelPass, you get discounts on top of those rates.

What a great way to save money, especially if you are on a budget!

2. Vetted, Quality Discounts

HostelPass was founded by travellers, for travellers, and they only offer discounts on experiences and accommodations that they have vetted to be top-notch. They wouldn’t recommend anything to a fellow traveller that wasn’t 100% worth it, so you can rest assured when you find a hostel or tour via HostelPass, it’s one of the best. We’ve made the cut, so they must know what they’re doing!

3. Accessibility

At SANDEMANs we ensure that everyone, regardless of their budget, is able to experience our world-class tours. We love that HostelPass is contributing to our mission by making it easy for travellers from all over the world to unlock experiences and safe accommodation, regardless of income. The HostelPass is great value for money, virtual and super easy to navigate. We love the accessibility of it, and are proud to be partnering with them to offer our paid tours at a reduced rate.

4. Amazing Places to Stay

HostelPass has vetted Europe’s most amazing hostels in the best locations to give you great discounts in not just shared dorms, but private rooms too. While exploring the city with our top quality tours, you can stay in these great hostels, at a discounted rate. From Generator and Selina, to JO&JOE, Sant Jordi, and even independently run boutique hostels, there are plenty of great choices for everyone, all centrally located, with free wifi, clean and comfortable facilities and great staff.

5. Inclusivity

The HostelPass team’s mission is to foster international communities and encourage cross-cultural understanding. At SANDEMANs, we know that lifelong friendships can come from meeting someone on a walking tour, sitting next to someone new at breakfast, or chatting with a bunkmate. We are proud to support HostelPass on their mission by offering discounted tours via their HostelPass. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a serial backpacker, casual weekend explorer or about to embark on an epic gap year adventure, the HostelPass covers all the bases with amazing and tailored deals.


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