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ABOUT Switzerland

Welcome to an immersive travel experience with Bus2Alps, where our commitment to continuous improvement creates a secure haven for all explorers. Our mission is to offer a sanctuary for travel enthusiasts, fostering unforgettable experiences in every destination.

Established in 2003, Bus2Alps originated as a solution for study abroad students seeking a dependable and enriching way to explore Europe. From our inaugural journey from Florence to the Swiss Alps, we’ve expanded our horizons, now covering over 40 diverse destinations. Despite our growth, our heart remains in Interlaken, our cherished home base for over 15 years.

Having safely guided over 200,000 passengers through Europe and North Africa, Bus2Alps has consistently raised the bar. Acknowledged with TourRadar’s Most Amazing Tour Award for two consecutive years and Hostelworld’s Best Tour Award for our renowned Amalfi Coast trip, our dedication to excellence shines. With a TripAdvisor top-rating and a prestigious hall of fame status, we ensure every trip meets the highest standards, earning coveted 5-star badges.

Teaming up exclusively with premier accommodations, transport, and activity providers across Europe, Bus2Alps guarantees excellence in every destination. Our extensively trained staff is well-prepared to handle any situation with safety as the top priority. Comprising seasoned travelers, our guide team, many of whom were former study abroad students, eagerly anticipates sharing their love and knowledge of Europe, ensuring an exceptional journey for every adventurer.

Choose Bus2Alps for a seamless blend of safety, excellence, and unparalleled travel experiences. If you share our values, join us on a journey that goes beyond exploration—it’s a celebration of diverse cultures and unforgettable memories.

What is Bus2Alps?


Discover the essence of Bus2Alps, the premier tour operator tailored for those in their 20s seeking an authentic exploration of Europe's finest destinations. At Bus2Alps, we curate enriching experiences, providing travel enthusiasts with the opportunity to delve deeper into the beauty of Europe.

Whether you're a student on a study abroad program, a US Expat, or a member of the military stationed in Europe, as well as anyone with a passion for travel, you're invited to embark on a journey with Bus2Alps!

Building bridges and not walls

  • Bus2alps’s mission is to provide valuable travel experiences to youth travelers
  • We believe that travel has a unique ability to change a person’s perspective on our interconnected world.
  • Bus2Alps safely guide their guests through the world’s most sought-after destinations.


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