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Jerusalem Holy City Tour

No other city means so much to so many. Find out why on this 3-hour walking tour of Jerusalem's most important religious sites

ABOUT THE Jerusalem Holy City Tour

What makes Jerusalem the spiritual center of the world for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike? Join an expert guide on this 3-hour walking tour to understand Jerusalem’s 5000-year-old past and to visit some of the world's most treasured and controversial places. Go inside must-see sites like the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock and the hidden sections of the Wailing Wall to see Jerusalem's major landmarks up close.


Your Jerusalem Holy City Tour starts just outside the Davidson Center and it finishes by the Western Wall.


The treasures of three of the world’s most widely practiced religions

Judaism, Islam and Christianity all find their spiritual homes in Jerusalem’s Holy City. From the discovery of the true cross to the stations where Jesus fell (the Via Dolorosa), from the grave of Adam to the Hill of Golgotha (or Cavalry), from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount, from the Al-Aqsa Mosque to Stations of the Cross, of all of the tours in the entire SANDEMANs network, the Holy City Tour is surely the one with the most meaningful landmarks.

Go inside some of religion’s most important sites

You can see many of Jerusalem’s major sites from afar - the Dome of the Rock glistens in the sun from Temple Mount, the worshippers at the Western Wall can be seen from some of Jerusalem’s rooftops, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher suddenly appears as you walk through the Old City. However, on this 3-hour walking tour, your expert licensed guide doesn't just point these sites out from a distance – they take you up close and inside.

The tour is timed perfectly so that the Temple Mount is reached during its limited opening hours, and hidden parts of the Western Wall are discovered for those who want to take a closer look. While the Dome of the Rock is prohibited for those who are not of Muslim faith, the tour gives plenty of time at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher so that guests don’t need to hurry.

A completely non-political tour

While we appreciate that many sites on the Holy City tour bring out strong feelings for many visitors, the tour itself is completely non-political, making it accessible for those who are of religious faith, and those who are not. Therefore, we ask you to join this amazing experience with a completely open mind, and to internalize any personal beliefs for the duration of the tour.

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The Jerusalem Holy City Tour starts just outside the Davidson Center

  • Go inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Visit the hill of Golgotha, or Cavalry, where it is believed Jesus was crucified
  • Discover the grave of Adam
  • Learn about the discovery of the True Cross
  • Find the hidden sections of the Western (Wailing) Wall
  • Follow the stations of the Cross - the Via Dolorosa
  • Explore the incredible Temple Mount; See the Dome of the Rock; See the Al-Aqsa Mosque



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Inclusions & exclusions
What’s included
  • Local licensed English-speaking guide
What’s not included
  • Lunch
Additional Information
  • Please note that during the month of Ramadan and when security prohibits visiting, the Holy City Tour will not enter Temple Mount and the Golden Dome. Sites on Mount Zion will be visited instead. Thank you for your understanding.
  • The Temple Mount is closed to visitors on Fridays and Saturdays. The area may also be closed during the week due to security reasons or public holidays
  • There is a strict dress code on the Temple Mount; all visitors must either wear full length pants or a skirt that covers the ankles and have sleeves up to the elbows
  • The following items are prohibited on the Temple Mount: religious objects or political items of any kind, weapons, alcohol, iPads/tablets/eReaders, laptops, selfie-sticks, and tripods
  • Pets are not allowed in the holy sites
  • Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible
  • Our business is connecting great guides and smart travelers, and we're proud that so many local guides employ us to welcome travelers like you on their journey through some of the world's best cities. No two tours are alike, and the sites, stories, and length of the tour will vary depending on what your freelance guide decides is best. That's why the tours we promote never get stale or feel scripted, and why both independent guides and savvy travelers prefer SANDEMANs
The Jerusalem Holy City Tour starts just outside the Davidson Center
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