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Prague is one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe. This old city is lined with beautiful streets and is rich with history. And of course, let’s not forget about the delicious beer!

Ready to experience Prague? Start with our Free Tour of Prague, which gives you an overview of the city’s history and main attractions.



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Airport transfer

The Airport Express bus leaves every 30 minutes to Hlavní nádraží (main train station) until 9pm every night. Non-express buses leave every 10 minutes, and after midnight every 30 minutes, offering you the opportunity to change to the Metro to get to the city centre. Prague Airport Transfers offer a flat rate taxi service of about 550 CZK.

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Public transportation

Two thirds of Prague's population use the public transport, so why shouldn't we follow the experts? With metros, trams and buses, a 30-minute ticket is only 24 CZK, a 24-hour pass is 110 CZK, or a three-day pass comes in at 310 CZK.

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Overall, Prague is a safe and enjoyable city but pickpocketing is quite common in tourist hotspots. Be streetwise and look after your personal belongings. Also, there are a lot of taxis who try to scam visitors, so ensure that the meter is on and running when you get in.  

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The Czech Republic uses the Koruna; €1 is about 27 CZK.

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Tipping about 10% of your bill is common practice the Czech Republic.

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We offer an array of different walking tours and activities in Prague; from the original free walking tour to the Kutná Hora day trip or the beer tour – all led by expert, local guides. If you are looking for a fun, informative and unique way to discover Prague and all its secrets, you can join us on any of the tours below.


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