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Terezín Concentration Camp Tour

Day trip from Prague to the former Nazi concentration camp Terezín with an expert local guide


Due to the unusual tourism situation currently developing, we have temporarily suspended this tour.

ABOUT THE Terezín Concentration Camp Tour

This day trip from Prague to Terezín concentration camp will show you both the magnificence of what was an 18th Century Austrian fortress, and the tragic role it held when the Nazi's repurposed it as a concentration camp, deporting prisoners straight from here to Auschwitz.


This day trip from Prague to Terezín meets in front of the Cartier store and the Czech tourism office on Old Town Square.


A Nazi concentration camp

Your tour starts with your expert local guide taking you on a private bus from Prague to Terezín. While Terezín seems a sleepy and unassuming town, you'll hear about the tragedy that befell the prisoners who were brought to this Gestapo prison, Jewish ghetto and deportation camp. You'll see the former SS camp headquarters, the ghetto's guards quarters, the Jewish dormitories and the crematorium as your guide tells you about life inside the camp, and about the people who were imprisoned here, reminding you that these were not just statistics, but innocent people. You'll see the memorials, and hear the stories of these often forgotten victims.

Propaganda inside Terezín

The Nazis were famous for their propaganda, and made several videos from inside their concentration camps to try to prove to the outside world that they life inside the camps was perfectly acceptable (of course, the videos were staged, with prisoners given extra clothing etcetera). Not only was one of these propaganda videos shot at Terezín, but the Nazis even invited the Red Cross to look around the camp, only showing the Red Cross what the Nazis wanted them to see.

An easy day trip from Prague

We've made the day trip to Terezín as easy for you as possible, picking you up from the Prague city center in the morning and returning there at the end of the day. No chance of getting lost, getting on the wrong train or buying the wrong ticket - this private bus is chartered solely for the SANDEMANs Terezín concentration camp walking tour guests.

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Your Terezín Concentration Camp Memorial Tour starts at the Old Town Square in front of the Cartier shop and Czech tourism office centre (on the corner of Pařížská and Dlouhá street)

  • Take a private return bus, included in the ticket price
  • Compare the living quarters of the prisoners, and those of the guards
  • Remember those who were imprisoned and lost their lives in this and other Nazi concentration camps
  • See where the train tracks led out of Terezín to death camps like Auschwitz
  • Visit the memorials inside the former camp



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Inclusions & exclusions
What’s included
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Transportation by private bus
  • Entrances to small and big fortress
What’s not included
  • Food & drinks
Additional Information
  • The independent guides who employ us to market their tours have your best interests in mind; while the tour usually includes the sites & stories mentioned and lasts about 7-8 hours, your tour may vary depending on what your guide thinks is best for your group
  • Please bring your own lunch. We stop for a quick break but it is preferable you bring your own snacks
  • It is a walking tour - expect to be walking before getting on the bus and during the tour
  • Unfortunately, this tour is not recommended for people with reduced mobility and it is not wheelchair accessible
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