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Paul Emile

Brussels is a city that is changing. With a population of which more than half is not even Belgian, this city is being renewed by all these different cultures that coexist to become as Paul Emile love to call it, The New Berlin. "The world has to know that we're going to become the next New York". Paul Emile, a native from Brussels went to Paris to undertake dramatic art studies. Having already acted in more than 20 plays, we can find him in movies such as "Surviving with wolves" de Vera Belmont. "When you really love something, you want to convince people to love it too and I really love my city". Knowledgeable and passionate about his city/country, Paul Emile brings a great sense of energy, fun and humour to the tour. As a true local, Paul Emile speaks fluent French, English and Dutch.



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