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I'm Ohri. I’m 28 years old and I have lived most of my life in Zichron Yakkov, a beautiful place in the north of Israel.

Since finishing my military service in the paratroopers I have worked with different organizations that work with Jewish youth in Israel and the United States. As well as this, I participated in a two year tour guide course and began to work as a tour guide in 2017. In addition to my tour guide license, I finished my bachelor's degree in non-formal education with a specialization in youth.

I’m a person that is enthusiastic about his job and about life. For me, life is about getting to know people, places and revealing questions I have every day.

I love Jerusalem. The stories that the city conceals surround me every time I'm there. Join me for an experience in the Holy City. Stand where the stories happened, and hear what the city would like and would not like to tell us.


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