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Hey there, campers! I'm Nir Waldman. I was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, but nowadays I live in Jerusalem.  At a young age, I discovered a passion for nature hikes, outdoor activities, history and mythology. I grew up as an active member in the Hatzofim youth movement (the Hebrew Scouts), thus beginning my relationship with guiding and education quite early in life. After my military service, I moved on to become an educational guide for different associations, including the Israeli Experience and Beit Hageffen (Jewish-Arab youth centre in Haifa).  Later, I also became a certified tour guide, which allowed me to tour my country and interact with so many unique people from all over the world - for a living!! How cool is that? In the IDF, I served as a logistics officer and team leader in the Officers' Training school. Currently I’m a BA student at Haifa University, double-majoring in Land Of Israel studies and Multi -disciplinary studies. I love studying and teaching the history and culture of Israel - I can tell you a story like no other, with a sense of humor! I don't back away from profound discussions or tough questions, so feel free! When I’m not guiding, I enjoy my art - mostly drawing and playing music.


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