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My name is Marcin or Mars for shorts, just like that planet that's named after the chocolate bar.

Made & born during the period of martial law in the country that gave us among other things: vodka, Chopin, Chopin vodka & many, many other great vodkas & not so well known & internationally acclaimed musicians ('re welcome).

During the mentioned martial law in my native country of Poland, a curfew was installed & couples like my parents bored of what was (or wasn't) on the government controlled telly, decided to drive demographics of the country up, in essence creating a boom & this is how children like me were born - for entertainment!

While young I was always fascinated by other cultures & the world behind the fence so shortly after becoming of age I packed my passport & essentials & left for great adventure.

On my vagabonding through Europe & Asia for several years I bumped onto Amsterdam in 2009 & it didn't left my mind ever since.

I guess the fact I failed my driving license exam several times made me settle here since it is the world's capital of bicycles & having a car here is really unnecessary (& even inconvenient)...

So until I get my driving license I'm stuck here & since I was born to entertain join me on a journey through the streets of the city that never fails to amaze & discover there's more to it than meets the eye...



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