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I was born in a small town surrounded by mountains, in the heart of the French Alps. I spent my childhood with an accordion, a unicycle and a lot of imagination. The goal was to become either a clown or a witch (and that was before reading Harry Potter..). However, life had other plans and I left France to spent my teenage years in California with a basketball, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica, and chocolate chips cookies dough. My curiosity about the world grew stronger. I wanted to discover it all : Five continents, 18 countries and a European History Degree later, I became a tour guide in Amsterdam. I love guiding people through this fascinating and open minded city. For me, it is the best way to combine my passion for meeting new people and my desire to share my historical knowledge while using my imagination. In the end, tour guiding is much more fun than being a clown/witch: I am not as scary and people sometimes laugh at my terrible jokes


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