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I am Liran, one Jerusalem's approximately 1 million inhabitants. Though I've achieved my right to guide visitors officially, I still feel a little bit like a newcomer myself, because every day is a new surprising page here! Jerusalem always makes new space for encounters with new knowledge, thoughts, wisdom and a
good laugh!

My father was an actor and a storyteller. From a young age I was fascinated by his tales and slowly learned this passion for storytelling. From him I also got to know our family's ancient Jewish-Hassidic roots in the city (now what is more Hassidic than telling magical tales?). When I grew up I was inspired to learn more narratives, theologies and different histories. I've studied History and Jewish thought at the Hebrew University JLM and it gave me a wider perspective about everything.

I see our tour as a unique chance for dialogue between a host and a guest. That way we can open the Abrahamic Tent doors for transformation of ideas and emotions. I can't wait to share my reflections and enjoy your inspirations!


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