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John is a native Dubliner from the North Side of the city. A Modern Languages graduate of Trinity College, he has lived in the city all his life, working mainly in the airline and hotel reservations sectors, as well as in professional translation.

A speaker of Irish, French and German, his chief hobbies are Gaelic games, soccer and Irish plays. One of his most passionate interests is unearthing nuggets of information about the history of Dublin from unusual sources, such as classical texts and the Viking Sagas; studying the history of Dublin reveals a much more diverse set of influences than you might expect!

When not revelling in one of the city’s many singing pubs, you’ll find John burrowing in old travelogues about the city, or poring over the works of Keane and O’Casey. Take a tour with John along some of the ‘roads less travelled’ in Dublin’s history, and find out about the city’s Celtic, Viking and Norman past.


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