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We’ve curated the best tours and activities in Dublin for you.

At Clink, we really want to make sure that you’ll make the best out of your stay in Dublin. That is why we have partnered with SANDEMANs NEW Europe to offer you a selection of the best walking tours and activities to do while in Dublin.



Dublin guide

The Original Free Tour of Dublin

On this 2-hour Dublin free walking tour we wind down the quiet streets and bound through bustling boulevards, uncovering the hidden sites as well as the famous ones. You will see many of Dublin's main attractions, including Dublin Castle, Temple Bar and Trinity College as we explore 2,000 years of history.

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sandemans dublin walking tour

Dublin Darkside Free Walking Tour

Join us on this 2.5-hour walking tour as we make our way through church graveyards and down narrow back alleys to discover the side of Dublin that you won't find on any postcards. This night tour of Dublin will tell you gruesome stories of brothels run by serial killers, cannibals with a taste for young children, and the notorious Hellfire Club, said to be made up of Devil worshippers, whose club house allegedly received visits from Satan himself.

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Recommendations in Dublin

In addition of giving you access to the best walking tours and activities, we’ve also listed below our favorite spots, shops, restaurants and cafés in Dublin, so you’ll never end up again in a tourist trap.

Browse the map below to explore our selection.


Dublin’s coolest backpacker hostel!

We love exploring exciting ways to change the journey, and we have big news - Clink i Lár is here – Dublin’s coolest backpacker hostel!

The phrase “i Lár” means ‘in the middle’ in the Irish language, and Clink i Lár is true to its name. Our brand-new hostel is located right in the heart of Dublin city center, on the city’s historic Abbey Street.

Our very own bar, WunderBAR, harmonizes the curiosities of travel with the romance of traditional Irish storytelling. It’s the perfect spot to taste that first Guinness in Ireland or get to know some of Dublin’s finest craft breweries.

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