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Growing up in a small town in northern Israel, there were not so many things to do after
school. 'Go exploring' was definitely the go-to choice of my friends and I. With time, this hobby became more and more serious. We were (and still are) a small group of friends
always looking for the next summit, the next water spring, and the next adventure that no
one has heard of.

After the army, I took a backpack and together with a friend flew to Africa for a 9-month trip
throughout the continent that began in South Africa and culminated in Ethiopia. I explored
every corner of this amazing continent (at least on the east side), and during the trip we met
so many people from different cultures as we stayed in their villages, ate their food, climbed
the highest mountains and crossed the roughest rivers. After this incredible journey, I next
went east, to China where I spent a year living and traveling throughout the country. A year
later, I was back in Israel and began my studies at university. Up to this point, it never
occurred to me that my passion for travel and adventure could be a profession. And yet a
few weeks after graduation, I was asked to accompany a group of Chinese students that
came for a semester to my university. After two weeks with them, I learned that not only is
it possible to do educational tours as a career but that I absolutely must follow this path. At
that moment, I registered for a two year course and subsequently became a licensed tour

Following my heart was the best thing I did. I absolutely love hiking and touring, and I love
showing people new places as I share with them the extensive history and the incredible
stories of this land.


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