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"Born and raised in Barcelona, Cristina soon felt the need to fly away under one big idea: to always stay curious.

Her itchy feet took her to many different places where she stayed for different periods of time. New York, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver, Ibiza, Munich and Sydney are some of the cities she was lucky enough to call home. But at the end of the day, Barcelona was the one and only in her heart.

With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, she has been exploring alternative career paths ever since she started travelling. She  became a tour guide in Munich, and she already thought she had the best job in the world. Until she became a tour guide in Barcelona, when she knew that was it.

Passionate about her job, but especially about the city that she has used as a playground, Cristina will take you back in time through history, facts, legends, useful recommendations and personal memories. Ask her to talk about Barcelona and you will see a big smile on her face."


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