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7 Scary Stories from All Over Europe to Get You Excited About Halloween!

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Do you like telling scary stories at Halloween? Hoping to best your friends with a story more chilling than theirs? Well, we’ve compiled 7 spooky stories from all over Europe to get you in the Halloween mood!


1. The Ghost of Covent Garden, London

William Terris was an actor known for heroic roles such as Robin Hood, as well as parts in classic dramas and comedies, and appearances in Shakespeare plays. He was murdered in 1897 in the Adelphi theatre by a deranged actor, Richard Archer Prince, who was found guilty and sent to Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum. Terris’ ghost is believed to haunt both the theatre and Covent Garden station and has been seen on many occasions…reportedly.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s a great story!

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2. Spain’s First Recorded Poltergeist, Barcelona

The first officially recorded poltergeist attack in Spain occurred in Barcelona. A family began to hear and see strange things happening in their house. These included loud banging, lights flickering, and a rogue drawer flying out of the dresser and across the room. As the police arrived, the banging ceased and no other strange events occurred. However, the next day; the noises got louder, chairs rose and fell, the lights swung violently, and items disappeared and reappeared. A second investigation also found nothing, only the children claimed to have seen a white shadow moving around the house. It never happened again after that day.

Now, I may be a rational adult, but when I go home tonight, I will check under my bed and in my cupboard repeatedly, before going to sleep with the lights on.

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3. The White Woman, Berlin

Anna Sydow was the lover of the King of Brandenburg, Joachim II, in the 16th century. They lived together happily in the Grunewald, just outside Berlin, until the King’s death. On his deathbed, the king asked his son, Johann Georg, to take care of Anna. Whilst he promised he would, Johann threw her into Berlin’s Spandau Citadel, where she remained until her death.

Anna is said to wander through the halls of the citadel, unable to leave and seeking a way out… Maybe a map could help her… or better yet, a guided tour?

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4. The Hanging of Margaret Dickson, Edinburgh

Margaret Dickson was hanged in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket in 1724 but later awoke. She was set free under Scots law, but the words “until dead” were later added to the sentence of hanging.

Now that is one risky way of finding a loophole!

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5. The Last Witch of Bavaria, Bavaria

Maria Renata Singer von Mossau was a nun who joined a Bavarian convent in the mid-18th century. Shortly after her arrival, other nuns became afflicted with convulsions and claimed to be possessed by the devil. When officials searched the convent, they found poisons and strange robes in von Mossau’s room, after which she confessed to being a Satanist and a witch who had sworn herself to Satan at a young age. Von Mossau was one of the last women to be convicted of witchcraft, and executed in Bavaria.

In a time when witchcraft was a major fear throughout Europe, maybe it would have been wiser for her to keep her satanic beliefs to herself…

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6. The Hellfire Club, Dublin

The Hellfire Club, isolated on the outskirts of Dublin, was built in 1725 by William Connolly. The stories of debauchery and practices in the dark arts, including manifestations of a demonic nature, are staples of the local folkloric landscape. These days, the club is derelict and frequently visited by tourists… brave, brave tourists. You couldn’t pay me to visit…

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7. The Scariest Night of the Year

The scariest night of the year is on the SANDEMANs Halloween Pub Crawl! Free drinks, face painting, goodies on arrival, and a prize for the best dressed are just a few of the perks of this fantastic night! Meet new people and enjoy some of most exciting bars on the scariest night of the year with SANDEMANs.

This story may have been a trick, but we guarantee that our Halloween Pub Crawl will be a treat!

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