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In addition to offering our daily tours, SANDEMANs NEW London also offers two excellent services. Firstly, we've now gotten really good at developing unique tours that suit the needs of an individual group perfectly. Secondly we're really proud of the method of educational entertainment we can offer to school groups, allowing both the teachers and the students to become locals in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you represent a school group looking for “the most charismatic and entertaining guides in the business” (Cosmopolitan Magazine UK) or need to book a guide who offers “more than the usual” (BBC Television) for a business client or simply need a genuinely informative trip around the city, SANDEMANs has the guides you're looking for.

The advantage of doing a private tour is simply that, you have your own personal tour guide catering specifically for your area of interest. You can decide where the tour starts from, where it should finish and how long it lasts.

With over 100 tours offered daily and 5 million guests served since 2004, we're one of the biggest walking tour companies in the world.

We guarantee a memorable tour that is out of the ordinary: all at a reasonable price. Our tours are conceived to show you the best of London by foot, but like we say, you're in charge and we can arrange private cars, buses, boats and helicopters and almost all of our tours can be done on bike!

Some of our most popular private walking tours in London include:

Greenwich, home to the Royal Observatory, the Prime Meridian where time starts and ends, is linked to the seven seas by the former naval college and the famous Cutty Sark clipper ship. The Docklands have a rich history of trade, once the biggest port in the world, its decline was reversed and the area reinvented in the 1980s; it mixes historic wharehouse architecture with cutting edge urban development.

London's central connection to the Thames and river trade is explored in this tour of its two most famous nautically linked districts. From the Millenium Dome to 1 Canada Square, Britain's tallest building, and the massive new projects for the 2012 Olympic Games. See London's biggest docks from a bird's-eye view and walk under the Thames! Walk through atmospheric Dickensian London and ride the Docklands Light Rail through 21st century London for a fascinating look at London on the water.
  • Canary Wharf
  • St Katherine's Dock
  • Greenwich Park
  • The Millenium Dome
  • Britain's tallest building
  • The Royal Observatory
  • West India Docks
  • The Prime Meridian
  • The Cutty Sark
  • Modern Architecture
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Royal Victoria Dock Bridge
  • The DLR
  • The Thames Foot Tunnel
  • Museum of London Docklands
  • Greenwich Market
  • The Trafalgar Tavern
  • Queen's House

The fantastic Harry Potter movie series features many locations shot in central London that can be visited if you know where to look! On the way we happen to pass some of the most famous sights in the city and take a river cruise up the Thames.

The hugely succesful series of J.K. Rowling's books and the following movies has brought thousands to London looking for the Diagon Alley and the Ministry of Magic. Our guides are self-confessed fans of the books and will help to bring alive the magic of London for young and old. Alongside famous places like Big Ben and Trafalgar Square are more out of the way, atmospheric old London streets full of history and stories.
  • Kings Cross Platform 9 ¾
  • 12 Grimmauld Place
  • Leaky Cauldron - in three different places!
  • Diagon Alley - the muggle and the real versions
  • The Ministry of Magic
  • Knight Bus stop
  • Gringotts Wizarding Bank
  • Order of the Phoenix' flight path
  • Death Eater attack sites
  • London's most famous magic shop also included for muggle parents:
  • Borough Market
  • Southwark Cathedral
  • The Bank of England
  • The Monument to the Great Fire of London
  • The Royal Exchange
  • Big Ben
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • The Millenium Bridge
  • The Tate Modern
  • Downing Street
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Leadenhall Market
  • Leicester Square
  • River Cruise
  • Tower Bridge
  • HMS Belfast
  • London Bridge

DISCLAIMER: the Harry Potter Tour is not an official 'Harry Potter' experience and is not endorsed or supported in any way by Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, the Harry Potter book publishers, or J.K. Rowling and her representatives. All rights to the ‘Harry Potter’ books are the property of J.K. Rowling and her publishers including Scholastic Press, et al. Film rights and image trademarks are the property of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

South of the Thames lies the ancient borough of Southwark. Once outside of London and outside of the law it was home to thieves and theatres, saints and sinners, bear-pits and brothels. Today a thriving district with fabulous views across the river, and the best market in the city.

There are countless reasons to visit Southwark: Shakespeare's Globe theatre has been reconstructed and stands in its Elizabethan glory next to the Tate Modern - a powerhouse of modern art; the George Inn is London's last galleried coaching inn, visited by both Dickens and Shakespeare; the fantastic views of central London are unrivalled and the district has some of the most spectacular new constructions of the millennium - the London Eye and City Hall and, slowly rising above them all, The Shard, soon to be Europe's tallest building.
  • Thames River cruise
  • Borough Market
  • Southwark Cathedral
  • London Bridge
  • The Tate Modern
  • The London Eye
  • The Millenium Bridge
  • The Festival of Britain
  • City Hall
  • Tower Bridge
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
  • The Clink
  • Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hinde
  • Frost Fairs
  • Winchester Palace
  • County Hall
  • Royal Festival Hall
  • The Southbank Centre

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