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British Museum Small Group Tour

Enjoy a semi-private guided tour through some of the British Museum's most interesting artefacts


Due to the unusual tourism situation currently developing, we have temporarily suspended this tour.

ABOUT THE British Museum Small Group Tour

This 2-hour semi-private tour (8 people max per group) through the British Museum covers all the highlights of the museum including the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Marbles, the Easter Island statues and much more!


Your British Museum Tour meets at the Starbucks Coffee in front of the British Museum.


Explore the world's oldest national public museum

Having opened its doors over 260 years ago, the British Museum is the oldest public museum in the world. At the start of this tour you will learn about the life of founder Sir Hans Sloane. Discover his passion for collecting knowledge from every corner of the world and how he continued his legacy by leaving all 70,000 artefacts to King George II, for the nation to learn from and enjoy.

Unravel the secrets of the Rosetta Stone and other treasures

No visit to the British Museum would be complete without stopping by the famous Rosetta Stone that was the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs. Your guide will also take you to the other iconic artefacts such as the towering Easter Island statues, the elaborately decorated medieval Lewis chessmen pieces and the detailed marble carvings that originally lined the temple of the Parthenon.

Journey back in time to ancient civilisations

This tour isn't just about ticking highlights off a list - your expert museum guide will take you back in time and paint a picture of ancient societies that left their mark on history. Marvel at the shiny treasures in the money room and find out what the real cost of being wealthy was. Take a closer look at the details of the Ancient Egyptian Nebamun paintings that depict everyday life of the people. Reflect upon the controversial Roman Warren Silver Cup from AD 15 that no one wanted to purchase because it depicted homosexuality but eventually became the most expensive single purchase by the museum in 1999.

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The British Museum Small Group Tour starts at Starbucks Coffee in front of the British Museum (51 Great Russell St, Holborn, London WC1B 3BA)

  • Decipher the symbols on the famous Rosetta Stone
  • Marvel at the size of the Easter Island Head statues
  • Learn about the controversial Warren Silver Cup that no one wanted to buy
  • Appreciate the detail and size of the Parthenon Marbles
  • Discover the unfortunate fate of the Portland Case



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  • Local English-speaking guide
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  • 8 people maximum per group
  • Wheelchair accessible
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