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Small Group New York Classic Food Tour

Embark on an unforgettable 3h culinary experience in New York City!

ABOUT THE Small Group New York Classic Food Tour

New York City is amazing and a foodies’ dream… but also mind-bogglingly difficult to determine where to eat!  There are over 25,000 restaurants in New York, spanning cuisine from around the world, where do you even begin?


We have heard countless times from locals and travelers alike that it is an overwhelming process to determine where to eat. For this reason, we have spent hours upon hours eating and eating to determine on where to make recommendations.  We have chosen the best of the best to share with you.


Join us for an evening to remember and embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure, savoring mouth-watering dishes, brought to New York from generations of enterprising immigrants and perfected in the Big Apple.


Our New York City Classic Food Tour features some of the best and most authentic restaurants in the city. Register today and see you at our next tour!


Our 3-hour New York Classic Food Tour starts near the ticket booth, in the 72nd Street Q Subway Station, North entrance (directly under 72nd Street), and usually ends at the 86th Street Q Subway Station, North entrance. We never cancel; tours run rain, hail or shine.



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Your Small Group New York Classic Food Tour starts near the ticket booth, on 72nd Street Q Subway Station, North entrance (directly under 72nd Street)

  • Stop 1: If the weather is nice, we will start the tour in Bohemia National Hall at the BOHEMIAN SPIRIT RESTAURANT, a popular Czech restaurant, one of the last remaining vestiges of Little Czechoslovakia, at its peak estimated at 40,000 immigrants, centered within the Yorkville section of the Upper East Side. Here, we can sit outside and enjoy a beer as we begin the tour.
  • Stop 2: Our next stop is sampling one of New York's favorite and most popular foods - bagels! Bagels were brought to New York by Polish Jewish immigrants and have since spread all over the US. Nothing comes close to a New York bagel. A common New York saying is the best bagels do not need toasting! We tend to think we make the best bagels in New York City due to the very clean New York City tap water, direct from the mountains of upstate New York. We will stop at PICK A BAGEL, a popular bagel shop, in operation for over 30 years. We will sample smoked fish (usually smoked salmon/lox) on a bagel (usually an everything bagel). This classic sandwich is a very common weekend morning New York meal!
  • Stop 3: We have various options for stop 3.
  • Option A: XI'AN FAMOUS FOODS. This is increasingly very popular New York food - noodles straight from Xi'An, Shaanxi, China. Started in 2005, by a recent immigrant from Xi’An, as a less than 20 square meter food stand in the basement of a mall in Flushing, Queens, it has since expanded all over NYC and has been featured in Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. We will sample this very good and authentic noodle dish!
  • Option B: PIZZA! We will try a very classic New York food - pizza! Italian immigrants popularized pizza in New York and New York style pizza has since spread across the USA. Nothing beats a New York slice. "Real New Yorkers" will fold their slice while eating for maximum consumption efficiency. We will try this eating method, but first we will survey the counter to see what looks best and "grab a slice". Usually, we will stop at CENTRO PIZZA to sample a classic New York specialty.
  • Option C:American BBQ is an institution, largely battled out between Southern US states. What type of sauce is best? Vinegar based? Tomato based? What type of cooking style is best? Many pit masters only cook at very low temperatures, smoking the meat over multiple days. New York largely stayed out of the fight, until about 10 years ago, when BBQ establishments starting popping up all over the city. Many have tried and failed to live up to American BBQ expectations. We will try one of the first and one of the best in the city. Beef brisket, burnt ends, barbeque chicken? We will assess what looks best during the tour and sample some of the best barbeque in the city. Usually we will stop at MIGHTY QUINNS BBQ.
  • Stop 4: Pastrami, Knish, Kugel - Say What? We will sit down for a typical Eastern European Jewish meal. The Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan have for generations been a place where Eastern European Jewish immigrants, their children, and their children's children have made a home. Jews from Europe have made New York home from the start; records show as early as the beginning of the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam. In fact, the current population of Jews in New York is the largest population of Jews of any place outside of Israel! We will try several popular dishes that are now considered classic New York foods and are "comfort foods" for many New Yorkers, not just Jewish New Yorkers, but also many Americans whose families once lived in New York. Usually we will stop at PASTRAMI QUEEN to indulge in these outstanding foods.
  • Stop 5: Room for dessert? Originally created to assist with calorie replenishment after the proprietors ran triathlon races, this very popular bakery makes what has been named the number one cookie in New York year after year after year. LEVAIN BAKERY cookies, larger than a hockey puck, are extremely decadent and delicious. Although you may be able to find a factory made, frozen version of these cookies in some New York City upscale grocers, nothing beats the original, fresh from the bakery.



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What’s included
  • Local Licensed English-speaking guide
  • A selection of food at each stop
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  • Gratuities (optional)
Additional Information
  • Solo travelers are welcome, although we have a minimum group size. Private and/or custom tours are available, upon request. We also have a maximum tour size to be able to efficiently obtain seating and receive our food in a timely manner. Custom tours are available for larger groups.
  • Generally speaking pork is not featured on this tour and vegetarians can be accommodated. Water is complementary throughout the tour. Other drinks are available for separate purchase. Please bring an umbrella if the forecast says rain or snow - we will have a tour!
New York Classic Food Tour starts near the ticket booth, in the 72nd Street Q Subway Station, North entrance (directly under 72nd Street
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