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St. Pauli & Harbor Tour

Join us as we take you to all the highlights of St Pauli on this special Reeperbahn tour


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ABOUT THE St. Pauli & Harbor Tour

Hamburg’s world-famous red-light district stretches along either side of the Reeperbahn, the charmingly kitsch backbone of the proudly alternative St. Pauli. The ‘Kiez’ took shape right on the city limits, a home for outcasts and vagabonds who had nowhere else to settle. Discover Hamburg's most vibrant and welcoming districts during this 2-hour walking tour.


Your St. Pauli & Reeperbahn Tour starts outside the Clock Tower at the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and it usually finishes by Fischmarkt. See the most famous (and hardest-working) police station in Germany and hear the wild stories behind the town where the Beatles learned much more than how to play music.


The alternative Kiez

Hamburg’s relationship with St. Pauli is complex. Its raw (and sometimes raunchy) edge stands in contrast with the image the rest of the city exudes, yet is an integral part of what makes Hamburg the much-loved city it is. St Pauli developed as a suburb for the undesired businesses that were either too noisy or smelly for the city. Rope makers or Reepers – whom the famous party street gets its name from – also moved to this area as they needed more space for their work.

Today the new buildings and renovations compete with the thousands of residents who fight to keep the character of their colorful neighborhood. St. Pauli draws millions of visitors a year and makes a massive contribution to the economy and fame of the city. Take a look beyond the tabloid headlines and you’ll find a living community struggling to defend its identity and dignity in the face of poverty and property developers.

The Beatles and Hamburg’s club scene

The Beatles arrived in Hamburg in 1960 and it is no surprise that they ended up living in some of the clubs in St. Pauli. The band was not famous yet and had to put up with rough crowds and long performances. Still, the band credits the city for helping them improve their performance and recorded for the first time in Hamburg.

On this tour you will hear the stories of how original band member Pete Best and Sir Paul McCartney spent a night in the famous Davidwache police station, how they all returned to Hamburg after being deported, the sex, drugs and rock and roll life they enjoyed in the city and how their iconic moptop haircut was also first sported by the band.

See the old clubs that they used to play in and the tiny spaces they slept in before the Beatles were famous!

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The St. Pauli & Reeperbahn Tour starts outside the Clock Tower by Brücke 3 at Landungsbrücken station

  • Visit Germany’s largest seaport; the Port of Hamburg
  • Walk along the landing piers at the Landungsbrücken
  • Learn about St. Pauli football club and the culture of its alternative fans
  • See the infamous pleasure mile along the Reeperbahn
  • Get insight into Germany’s biggest red light district, Herbertstraße & Große Freiheit
  • Stand on the vinyl-black Beatles-Platz
  • Explore the Altona fish market that has been operating since 1703
  • Discover the Russian submarine U-434, the largest espionage submarine in the world



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The St. Pauli & Reeperbahn Tour starts outside the Clock Tower by Brücke 3 (Landungsbrücken station)
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