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Alternative Copenhagen Tour

Visit the alternative neighbourhoods of Copenhagen and explore the city like a true local

ABOUT THE Alternative Copenhagen Tour

This 2.5-hour alternative walking tour of Copenhagen is a story of two distinct neighborhoods; Christiana that is well-known for its green-light district and Vesterbro that is popular for its red-light district. Join us as we explore both neighborhoods and their edgy sense of freedom and creativity, with a grittiness you won’t find in the downtown core.


Your Alternative Copenhagen Tour meets in the center of the city at Espresso House Rådhuspladsen and ends at Christiania. Explore the trendy neighborhoods of Copenhagen with an expert guide and visit some favorite hangouts of local Copenhageners!


Copenhagen’s underground scene

Outside of the center and away from the mainstream attractions you’ll find a very different Copenhagen: across the water to the East lies the self-declared Freetown of Christiania, and just south of the central train station is the uber-hip district of Vesterbro. Each has a fascinating history bound together by their vibrant diversity and uncompromising counter-culture.

This is more than just a story of hipsters and down-and-outs; this is a tale of a totally different world questioning the social, political and cultural status quo.

Versterbro; from hipsters to sex workers

Vesterbro started out as a working-class district and has evolved into an area filled with an eclectic mix of young artists and entrepreneurs, sex workers and drug addicts.

The area had always been associated with poverty and drug problems (that admittedly still exist in certain spots), but with recent state renovations to the area, Vesterbro has quickly become a favored place to live because of its central location. We will stroll through Istedgade and see how it has changed the last 100 years, and of course visit the meatpacking district.

The Freetown of Christiania

The last stop of the tour will take you to the world-famous Freetown of Christiania. The international community and peace-loving commune is a stark contrast to the area’s previous military use. Learn about the self-governing system they have and hear about the struggles with authority that they still face today. As tour groups aren’t permitted in the Free State, we will leave you to meet the residents and explore this unique society for yourself at the end of the tour.


10:00 AM
10:00 AM
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What’s included
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • Transportation to Christianshavn
Additional Information
  • The independent guides who employ us to market their tours have your best interests in mind; while the tour usually includes the sites & stories mentioned and lasts about 2.5 hours, your tour may vary depending on what your guide thinks is best for your group
  • As tour groups aren't permitted in Christiania, your guide will leave you to explore it for yourself at the end of the tour
  • Wheelchair accessible
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Your Alternative Tour of Copenhagen starts in the center of the city at Espresso House Rådhuspladsen (Vesterbrogade 2A)


  • Discover what it is like to live in the Freetown of Christiania
  • Explore the meatpacking district (Kødbyen) filled with cafes and creative spaces
  • Discover Vesterbro - the beating heart of Copenhagen
  • Get into the experimental beer scene at the Mikkeller gypsy brewery
  • Learn about the difficult local issues such as prostitution and homelessness
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