SANDEMANs Partner Network

Explore more destinations with our trusted partners

In addition to the destinations we call home, we’re immensely proud to introduce our Partner Network.

You can now book top-quality Free Tours in cities where we don’t operate on our website.

We’ve partnered with tour operators that share the same values than us, so we can continue connecting the best local guides with travelers around the globe.

When booking a tour with one of our partners, you can be sure you’ll enjoy a top-class experience that meets the same quality standards you are used to enjoying in SANDEMANs’ own cities.

Discover the cities of our Partner Network below!


SANDEMANs Partner Network

The SANDEMANs Partner Network at a glance

We do the research, so you don't have to

At SANDEMANs we work hard to ensure that every traveler, regardless of their budget, is able to experience the best of a destination by offering top-quality but affordable tours and experiences.

We've partnered with local tour operators around the world, so that when you visit a new city where we don't operate, you can enjoy the same quality standards you are used to with a SANDEMANs tour.

We are proud to partner with superb local tour guides, and we are sure you'll love their tours as much as we do!

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