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Seville local guide - sandemans

Born and raised in a small medieval village, surrounded by the beauty of the Italian Alps, and
during his childood his favourite book was an old atlas. Looking at the name of cities and
reading outloud the name of other countries, he was fascinated by the idea of people living in a
place that wasn't the village.

After his studies, Manuel's eager of knowing better the world couldn't longer be hold. So in
2008, he first moved to the UK, and since then has been living in Morocco, Australia, the
Netherlands and now Spain.

After a trip in Andalucia, the first time he met with Seville, he got captured by its fascinating
architecture, the living traditions, the incredible historical background, the warmth of its people
and the charm of a city concious and proud of its beauty.

Walk with Manu, and he will show you why this city is impossible to forget.


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