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Prague Local Guide


Karel was born in Czechoslovakia and he was brought up in the time of communism. Nevertheless, he belonged to the first generation that was taught English in primary school. Karel then decided to use the new freedom and continued his higher education in England.

He has recently completed his Master's in Dramatherapy at Roehampton University in London, and hence you will find that his tours are enriched by various dramatic reenactments that bring Czech history to life.

His tours, besides being very informative, are also spiced up with many trivia stories and silly jokes that keep the atmosphere on even keel with the serious historical events. Karel believes that it is essential to keep the touring interactive, and so he tends to actively involve the audience in his stories. Essentially, if you take part in Karel's tour you will find the edges between the tour guide and the audience are blurred. You are not being told about the history but you become the history itself.

In his free time, Karel enjoys strolling around the historical sites with a pram and changing the nappies of his baby-son.


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