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Andrea was born in a place called Palomares del Río, which her friends from the capital like to call the countryside, but it’s just a small town located ten minutes away from Seville. She opened his eyes for the first time only one year after the end of the 1992 Expo, and until today, she hasn’t been able to overcome the sadness of not having been hug by Curro.

Since childhood, she has enjoyed storytelling, and she used to calme her immense curiosity about the world by reading all kinds of books and travelling as much as she could.

After graduating in Art History at the University of Seville she moved to Berlin, where she discovered her passion: being a tour guide. A job that combined walking, talking and “teaching” seemed to be the dreamjob for her. And so it has been over the last three years. Now she has returned to Seville, full of enthusiasm and willing to share all the stories, leyends and nice things that her city has to offer to its visitors.


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