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Known as the ‘New York of Britain’, Liverpool is an unmissable city that has endured terrible depths and enjoyed glorious heights. Famous for its culture, football and The Beatles, Liverpool has touched the lives of countless people over the world.

Ready to experience Liverpool? Start off with the Free Tour of Liverpool, which gives you an overview of the city’s history and main attractions.



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Airport transfer

Manchester and Liverpool John Lennon airports both have buses into the city centre, and trains arrive right in the centre as well. The city is very well-connected to the rest of the UK by train, but tickets can be expensive, so book it as far in advance as you can manage.

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Public transportation

Liverpool has a very comprehensive and easy-to-use public transport system, encompassing buses, trains and ferries. You can get a Trio ticket for all three, valid for a week, from just £17. Make sure to bring the exact change as notes are not accepted on the bus!

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Tipping is customary in Liverpool, if you are happy with the service you are welcome to leave 10% of the bill or round it up.

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Emergency number


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Liverpool is considered generally safe, but like any big city always be aware of your surroundings and protect your personal belongings. Also – please take care when crossing roads! Vehicles drive on the left.

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No pounds (£) in your wallet? No problem. Liverpool John Lennon airport has currency exchange shops, as well as ATMs.

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Tech & Wifi

Remember to pack or buy a standard UK power adaptor to keep your technology powered up! Free Wifi can be found around the city centre.


We offer an array of different walking tours and activities in Liverpool; from the original free walking tour to the Beatles to the Blitz – all led by expert, local guides. If you are looking for a fun, informative and unique way to discover Liverpool and all its secrets, you can join us on any of the tours below.


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