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We bet you will spend a long time inside this shop. They have the funniest, most creative gifts!


Do you need a new pair of glasses and you would like something stylish? At the Brilmuseum not only you get to see the evolution of glasses throughout the decades, but you can also buy your own pair of vintage specs.

9 Straatjes

These nine cute streets in the canal district are full of interesting shops (and places to eat, too). Visit this page for the full low down.


The busiest shopping street in Amsterdam, where you will find all the international brands, like H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, etc.

Magna Plaza

This shopping mall is great for its shops but it is the architecture that steals the show.


Hutspot searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shops.

Things I like, things I love

This concept shop sells a curation of stuff that the owners like, and love.

Thrift Shop

Designers can rent spaces in this shop to sell their stuff.

Emporium of Wonders

A shopping cornucopia filled with vintage clothes, furniture, art and other oddities.


Collection of trendy clothes, clever household furniture and lots of other knick knacks.


A roving boutique shop.

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