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Welcome back!

Thank you for joining me on the free tour of Amsterdam earlier, or if you haven’t yet make sure you catch that as it is the best way to get an overview of the city!

I hope we shared some laughs, and that i was able to share some of my excitement and passion for this amazing city. Of course 2 or so hours are not enough to see and experience all that Amsterdam has to offer. So I’ve gathered some of my favourite things, to do, to see, to eat(!) in the city on this page. Of course it is entirely possible, if not plausible, that my tour has sparked your interest in learning all you can about this city, if so make sure to  check out our other tours as those give me and my colleagues the opportunity to really delve deeper into some of our favourite parts of the city, I hope to see you there soon!


amsterdam red light district tour

Red Lights and Dark Amsterdam Tour

Experience the fascinating Amsterdam Red Light District with an expert local guide

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Amsterdam Canal Tour

There are many boat tours in Amsterdam, but only one comes with the local and entertaining SANDEMANs experience! 

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Other attractions in Amsterdam

Here are my top recommendations in Amsterdam.

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