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This week's Tel Aviv City Tours:

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Clock Tower, Old Jaffa
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The Tel Aviv City Tour starts by the Clock Tower in Old Jaffa. Just look for the team in red SANDEMANs NEW Europe T-shirts!
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This 2.5 hour walking tour covers all the main sites and stories, including:

  • Neve Tzedek
  • Bauhaus Architecture
  • Local Street Art
  • The German Colony
  • Noga Neighborhood
  • The white city- UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site
  • Florentine Neighborhood
  • The American Colony
  • Rothschild Boulevard
  • Independence Hall
  • Suzanne Dellal Dance Center

… and much more!

Welcome to the most exciting city in the Middle East! Tel Aviv is a city on the edge - where the land meets the sea, where history meets the future, where West meets East. To the north of Jaffa lay nothing but sand dunes and the trails of camels carrying the ancient city’s famous oranges to distant markets. Out of those sand dunes would rise the skyscrapers of a new city: the most liberal, the most technologically advanced, most socially progressive, most democratic city of the entire Middle East. It’s a young city but Tel Aviv’s story is the culmination of thousands of years of history.

At once old and new, the city’s fascinating experience of tradition and modernity has lessons for all cultures all over the world. This three hour walking tour is an unmissable exploration of sandy beaches, peaceful streets, bustling markets, shady boulevards and the search for identity. Just like the intrepid pioneers of 1909 we will leave Jaffa and cross the dunes to the city. Whilst their city was built from hopes and dreams we have the luxury of exploring the streets and monuments of today. Between these extremes is the famous district of Neve Tzedek. It was here that Tel Aviv began and we can trace the emergence of the city and its culture through the lives of the legendary pioneers that built the first Hebrew city in 2000 years.

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