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Jaffa Gate
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The Holy City Tour starts just outside the Jaffa Gate. Just look for the team in red SANDEMANs NEW Europe T-shirts!
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This 4-hour* walking tour covers all the main sites and stories, including:

  • Up top on the Temple Mount 
  • Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre 
  • Dome of the Rock
  • Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Hill of Golgotha
  • The Western (Wailing) Wall
  • Grave of Adam
  • Follow the stations of the Cross – the Via Dolorosa
  • Discovery of the True Cross
  • The hidden sections of the Western (Wailing) Wall
  • Mount Zion and Zion Gate
  • Room of the Last Supper
  • King David’s Tomb

...and much more!

What makes Jerusalem the spiritual center of the world for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike? Join an expert guide on this four-hour walking tour to understand Jerusalem’s 5000-year-old past and visit the sites caught in the story that has included centuries of peace and worship, as well as controversy, bloodshed and war.

Whereas other city tours and the SANDEMANs NEW Jerusalem FREE Tour discuss the Temple Mount from afar, on this tour you’ll be taken through security to this holiest of sites. We hear of the beginnings of Israel, the site where Abraham binds his son and where King Solomon’s famous first temple was raised. See the golden Dome of the Rock shrine, marking the site where the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven, and enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where, for over 1500 years, a church has stood on the rocky hill of Calvary – the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial.

This tour experience is not political. It is appreciated that you leave your prejudices behind as you explore the amazing history of the Holy City and its earthly sights, which have inspired three of the most widely-practised religions in the world today.



1. Modest dress is required to enter the Temple Mount. Please bring appropriate clothing – shorts are not permitted
2. Religious items such as Bibles are also not permitted on Temple Mount.
3. Temple Mount is closed to non-Muslims Friday and Saturday. The area may also be closed during the week due to security or holidays!


*Average tour length. The independent guides with whom we work have your best interests in mind; while the tour usually includes the sites and stories above and lasts this long, your tour may vary depending on what your guide thinks is best for your group!

Take advantage of our group discount of 10% for groups of 10 or more!

Participation in tours promoted by SANDEMANs NEW Europe is strictly on a voluntary basis. Neither SANDEMANs NEW Europe, nor the self-employed freelance guides who are the providers of the tours promoted by SANDEMANs NEW Europe, will be held responsible in any way for injuries to body or property incurred during tours. The tour guides reserve the right to deny participation in any tour, to any person, for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.

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