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Our guide partners may not be able to lead their famous FREE Tours just now, but you can still support their work with tips-based donations, just as you would in real life

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The 600 superb freelance tour guides we work with are unable to lead tours during this COVID-19 crisis.

However, connecting great guides with smart travelers has always been our mission, and so we want to continue to do so while our famous red umbrellas are down.

Guides across the SANDEMANs network have been preparing short videos for you about topics related to their cities. As you would with the FREE Tour, if you like what they have to say, feel free to leave them a donation of your choosing by clicking the button below.

Modern Germany: the Phoenix from the Ashes

How did Germany go from almost complete destruction in 1945 to becoming one of the world’s largest economies today? Which political, historical and economic factors contributed to this extraordinary transformation?
Discover more in SANDEMANs Talks: Modern Germany – the Phoenix from the Ashes

*Freelance tour guides work with SANDEMANs but their opinions are their own


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50 million tourism jobs are currently at risk

At SANDEMANs, we have been proudly connecting great guides with smart travelers since 2003, but with our red umbrellas temporarily down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are looking for new ways to financially support our community of employees and guide partners, and to ensure that the famous FREE Tour can return as soon as it is safe to do so. We appreciate your support!

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