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by MAFALDA JOHANNSEN - Apr 10, 2018
The 5 most unconventional and wacky Karaokes in Berlin

The 5 most unconventional and wacky Karaokes in Berlin

When we think about karaoke, the first thing that comes to our mind it is probably Japan or Asia in general. However, even though it sounds weird, Berlin is the perfect place for karaoke lovers. If you think you’ve already seen everything, we dare you to check out the karaoke scene in Germany’s capital.

1. Hetero/Homo/Trans/Whatever you like Karaoke

Monster Ronson’s Ichiban, located in the main night scene in Berlin, is a place where, according to them, “poor, rich, young, old, homo, hetero, trans and everything in between” people are welcome to show their singing skills – or not! Either you like to sing on stage, or you prefer a more intimate environment with your friends by renting a cabin, this is a perfect place for karaoke fans. On Mondays you can do the so called “boxhopping”, where you share the cabins with strangers all night long, and on Tuesdays you’re more than welcome to watch a Drag Queen show.

Photo: Top10Berlin

2. Korean Karaoke

Hidden in a non-touristic area of Berlin, Noka is a Korean karaoke bar. If you’re into K-Pop, this is definitely the place for you! As well as in Monster Ronson’s, you can choose between renting a cabin or singing on stage. No matter your choice, suddenly, you feel that you’re in Seoul. However, don’t worry if Korean language is not your strength, you’ll still be able to sing “I want it that way” or “Wonderwall”, or any of your favourite karaoke songs!

Photo: Noka Karaoke

3. Porn Karaoke

Wait, what?! Porn Karaoke? Is that a thing? Definitely, it is! Once a month, in Toast Hawaii, '70s skin-flicks are waiting for you to be their voice! Get ready to let yourself go, and maybe discover a new talent. In case moaning in public is not your call, just order a beer and enjoy the show – it will be an evening you won’t forget!

Photo: Toast Hawaii

4. Powerpoint Karaoke

After Porn Karaoke, you thought it couldn’t get more bizarre, right? Wrong! In Rosi’s, also once a month, you’ll be on stage with a random PowerPoint presentation about a random topic that you’ll need to improvise. Once again, creativity is the key requirement! However, this is only for German speakers.

Photo: Rosis Berlin

5. Karaoke in a park

In Berlin, you can either read a book in a park, walk your dog, or… sing karaoke! That’s right! In Mauerpark, every Sunday during summer, you can perform in front of thousands of locals and tourists. Choose a song that you know by heart and be ready to be applauded by a huge and cheerful crowd!

Now that we uncovered the karaoke scene in Berlin for you, what else are you ready to explore in this eccentric city?

Photo: Der Tagesspiegel