About Jerusalem

One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem is cultural and spiritual center of the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. King David built the first Jewish capital here, Jesus spent his last days in the city - commemorated today by many important churches and pilgrimage sites, and Muhammad ascended to heaven to meet with Allah here. It is a truly unique and intense place where you can find anyone from pilgrims to liberal protesters, curious travelers, and everyday locals coexisting.

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Good to know

Airport Transfer

Flying into Tel Aviv is your best option to get to Jerusalem. There is a direct shuttle bus (number 485) that will take you from the arrivals terminal in Tel Aviv to the central bus station for 16 NIS.


The currency in Israel is NIS (New Israeli Shekels). There are money changers and ATMs both at the airport and scattered across the city.

Public Transportation

The Lite Rail Tram is the most convenient mode of transportation to travel to most areas of Jerusalem. With convenient stops at the Central Bus Station, the Old City, and Yad Vashem, traveling around Jerusalem is quite simple. You must purchase a ticket before entering the tram from the kiosks at every tram station and validate it upon entry of the tram.

Buses are another convenient way to get around the city, buy a ticket directly from the driver. Do note that most buses will not run on Saturday as it is the Sabbath.

You can use the Moovit app or Google Maps to plan out your most efficient journey.

On Friday evenings and Saturdays (Shabbat), taxis are your best bet for traveling in the city. Always ask for the driver to run the meter. (You can use the app Gett to arrange for a taxi and pay with credit card through the app!)

If you need to get to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem, there are two buses which run during the week from the Central Bus Station. The bus company is Egged (אגד) - The 480 runs to Arlozorov Station in Tel Aviv and the 405 runs to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

There is a shared taxi service (monit sheirut) which runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week  from Monbaz and Ha-Nevi’im in Jerusalem to the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.


Jerusalem is generally safe for tourists, do keep an eye out for pickpockets in the Old City and Mount of Olives, though.  


Tipping between 10-15% is the general practice in restaurants. Waiters will prefer this in cash so make sure you have some small change with you!

Emergency number

Police: 100
Medical emergency services: 101

Useful words

Hello/goodbye/general greeting - Shalom (which literally means ‘peace’)
Cool! Great! - Sababa
Yes - Ken
No - Lo
How’s it going? - Ech holech?
How much does this cost? - Kama zeh oleh?
Thanks! - Toda

Jerusalem Top Attractions

1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
2. Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book
3. City of David
4. Mahane Yehuda Market
Great nightlife here!
5. Tantur theological center
6. Old City markets
Truly something for everyone (souvenirs, spices, produce, meat, perfume)
7. Western (Wailing) Wall (Kotel in Hebrew)
8. Haram Al-Sharif /Temple Mount


The UNESCO World Heritage site is spectacular and home to holy sites for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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Jerusalem remained in the confines of the Old City until the mid-19th century. Since then, the area outside of the Old City has developed and grown into a bustling urban city with lots to see and do! The area known as "City Center" boasts great places to eat, drink, shop, and visit!

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