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In addition to offering our daily tours, SANDEMANs NEW Dublin also offers two excellent services. Firstly, we've now gotten really good at developing unique tours that suit the needs of an individual group perfectly. Secondly we're really proud of the method of educational entertainment we can offer to school groups, allowing both the teachers and the students to become locals in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you represent a school group looking for “the most charismatic and entertaining guides in the business” (Cosmopolitan Magazine UK) or need to book a guide who offers “more than the usual” (BBC Television) for a business client or simply need a genuinely informative trip around the city, SANDEMANs has the guides you're looking for.

The advantage of doing a private tour is simply that, you have your own personal tour guide catering specifically for your area of interest. You can decide where the tour starts from, where it should finish and how long it lasts.

With over 100 tours offered daily and 5 million guests served since 2004, we're one of the biggest walking tour companies in the world.

We guarantee a memorable tour that is out of the ordinary: all at a reasonable price. Our tours are conceived to show you the best of Dublin by foot, but like we say, you're in charge and we can arrange private cars, buses, boats and helicopters and almost all of our tours can be done on bike!

Some of our most popular private walking tours in Dublin include:

Dublin has given us some of the greatest writers, poets and playwrights in the English language. Joyce, Beckett, Yeats, Wilde and many more found home and inspiration in Dublin.
The city's literary heritage is brought to life on this 2 hour walking tour through the streets, parks, pubs and squares that played host and muse to their genius. Packed with background information, historical facts and choice quotations, the tour is a highly entertaining way to experience the best of Dublin's culture, humour and personality.
  • The General Post Office
  • Writers and rebellion
  • The Writers’ Museum
  • Joyce’s Dublin
  • The Abbey Theatre riots
  • Trinity College
  • Literary pubs
  • National Library
  • Dublin’s horror writersIrish writing today

Inspiring leaders, heroic sacrifices, tragic accidents and bravery under fire; Dublin's streets still carry the bullet holes that speak of the violent Easter week and Irish politics is still affected by the divisions created in the aftermath.

All changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born.
- WB Yeats, Easter 1916

In the middle of the First World War as tens of thousands of Irishmen from across the divides were dying in France and Belgium about 1,500 militants staged an uprising in the heart of Dublin. This was the culmination of 700 years of failed attempts to break away from Britain. The Dublin Rising too was a failure, roundly condemned at the time. So how did it become celebrated as the foundation of the modern Irish state? With stories from eyewitness testimony and careful research our experienced guides take you to the key sites of the Rising and introduce the main personalities on this 3.5 hour walking tour.
  • The General Post Office
  • The House of Lords
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • St Stephen's Green
  • The Shelbourne Hotel
  • Leinster House
  • The Battle of Mount Street Bridge
  • Boland's Bakery
  • Liberty Hall and the Irish Citizen's Army
  • The looting of O'Connell Street
  • The executions of the rebels
  • The legacy of the Rising
  • Dubliners in the crossfire

Dublin is both the capital of Ireland and an international city, mixing local traditional tastes with the best of the rest of the world. Irish food goes far beyond the clichés and has enough great ingredients and fresh ideas to satisfy the gourmet diner. This 3-hour walking tour brings you a taste of Dublin's food and drink from cosy cake shops to innovative micro-breweries and bawdy markets straight out of a James Joyce novel. The tour includes samples of food or drink from at least four of our hand-picked favourite destinations.
  • Irish cuisine
  • Dublin specialties
  • Local market
  • Local beers
  • Traditional food stores
  • Modern Dublin’s food culture

The wild beauty of the Wicklow Mountains will take your breath away.

The untamed nature if the mountains has for centuries sheltered Stone Age relics, rebels, bandits and wildlife but lies just a short ride away from Dublin.

Using private transportation you can enjoy the stunning scenery in peace. Visit the evocative ruined mining settlement at Glendalough and the tallest waterfall in Ireland.
  • Wicklow Mountains National Park
  • Glendalough ruins
  • Powerscourt Waterfall
  • The ‘Land of War’
  • The Wicklow Military Road
  • Wild nature
  • Stone Age ruins
  • Stunning sceneryHollywood film locations

The spirit of Irish music comes alive on this fun and informative tour of the best traditional music venues in Dublin.

Sit in on sessions with the best local artists and enjoy Dublin's legendary hospitality. We visit four pubs famous for their music and craic.
  • Traditional music
  • Authentic pubs
  • Great atmosphere
  • Local musicians

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