Founded in 2004 SANDEMANs NEW Europe Tours became the leading European tour provider within two years of beginning operations.

Originally offering English language walking tours of Berlin, by 2006 we had expanded into Amsterdam, and London with select tours offered in Spanish and German. Now, in 2014, we promote walking tours in 18 cities across Europe, the Middle East and the US and are expanding.

We have proven what seemed obvious: if you consistently provide the best tours at the lowest price possible, the public will notice.

We’re not only famous amongst individual travelers for having pioneered the innovative tips-based Free Tour concept, SANDEMANs NEW Europe has also made strides into the private tour market. Amongst our private tour customers, we’re happy to count Nokia, Microsoft, Adidas, Morgan Stanley, Chevron, Gilette, British American Tobacco and more.

Connecting great guides with smart travelers

We believe in supporting our local communities and are committed to giving a voice to self-employed guides who have chosen our cities as their home. By ensuring that every guide represents our unique style of mixing history and story-telling while maintaining their own personality and flair, we’ve become one of the most popular tour companies in the world. Helping superb independent guides connect with thousands of travelers a day, we provide these local freelancers the possibility to inform and entertain you, and they employ us to spread the news about this great concept.

What makes our tours so much better than the industry average?

We work with the best in the industry! We believe that history is the best story, and that dull and heavy retelling of history is simply unprofessional guiding.

The guides we work with won’t just hit you with an onslaught of facts, dates and names, but will bring the past alive through their unique and animated blend of storytelling. Coupled with a vast knowledge base with which, the guides are able to weave history together and draw connections and parallels through the subject matter. And since the unforgettable guides on their Free Tours work on a tips-only basis, the highest quality is guaranteed! They’ll never pressure you to tip – even though the guides receive no other compensation from our company or the cities we work in. We believe that if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveler. Value for money goes a long way, and satisfied customers tip what they think the tour was worth!

Our Mission
  • To provide travelers with professionally guided tours regardless of budget
  • To be the representation of quality in the eyes of travelers and the industry
  • To build strong and long-lasting partnerships with industry partners