Paris – Day of the Macaron

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The Macaron, (some call them Macaroon), is as much as symbol of Parisian extravagance as haute couture, châteaus and Champagne and perhaps next Tuesday 20th March is the day to finally try one of these sweet meringue-based treats.

Because Tuesday 20th March 2012 is the Day of the Macaron, le Jour du Macaron, and a bunch of places in Paris are literally giving them away for FREE.

Luckily for you, Paris by Mouth have assembled a map and a list of all the places around central Paris, where you’ll be able to exchange your charitable donation for a macaron, so when you’re wandering the streets, don’t miss the chance to pick one up for FREE.

Macaron in Paris, image used under CC flickr/inoc

Macaron in Paris, image used under CC flickr/inoc


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