We love Berlin, and we love photographs!

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One of our guides at Gendarmenmarkt

One of our guides at Gendarmenmarkt

As anyone who’s been on a SANDEMANs NEW Europe tour will know, we’ve got an immense passion for Berlin. It’s by far one of the most dynamic, interesting and energetic places to be in Europe and it gets better every day.

That’s why we’re so happy that we were able to express our passion, both for Berlin’s main sights, and for the alternative side of Berlin to Paulien Varkevisser.

She has just published two books, packed full of beautiful pictures which do a very good job of capturing the intruiging charm of Berlin…

Perhaps we like them because so many were taken at our tour locations with our tour guides, perhaps because they see Berlin in a similar way to us. Either way, they’re definitely worth a look!

Both books are fully browsable and can be found at the links below:

sightseein Berlijn by Paulien Varkevisser and BERLIJN alternative tour.

If you’re coming to Berlin, and would like to take either our FREE TOUR or our Alternative City Tour, please visit our website for details and booking.

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3 Responses to “We love Berlin, and we love photographs!”

  1. Amsterdam spoke magazine

    02. Jan, 2012

    I have participated few times in the Free Berlin Tour. i loved it and took great pics.

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    • Mark

      11. Jan, 2012

      Would love to see the pics. If you’d like to put them on the blog you’re more than welcome.

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  2. Jor

    09. Aug, 2012

    Hi!! I participated in the Berlin Tour with Jorge, he’s a great guide, that makes a great experience to learn about the city. And I took good pictures. Bye

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