A 24 CZK transportation ticket is required for the PRAGUE CASTLE TOUR. It is necessary to purchase the ticket in advance to ensure that the tour runs smoothly. Tickets are sold through yellow vending machines at metro stations, at ticket offices located at some metro stations, at some news stands and at tourist information centers.




Kathry's grandfather emigrated to Australia in 1948, which is actually the reason she exists. Born and raised in Australia, Kathryn could proudly spell Czechoslovakia as a toddler. She first came to Prague in 1998 to meet her long, lost family and explore her roots... and fell in love with the place. She returned to Australia to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film Studies. She headed back over in 2005 and, after stints in Dublin and London, she fell in love all over again... this time with a Czech boy, who she swiftly married. Now the mother of a 62.5% Czech boy, Kathryn has been told by her husband and Czech family that she, along with Jaromir Jagr, is the most patriotic Czech alive today. Kathryn's passion for all things Czech, especially the history and language, will make your tour of Prague pretty damn memorable.

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