A 24 CZK transportation ticket is required for the PRAGUE CASTLE TOUR. It is necessary to purchase the ticket in advance to ensure that the tour runs smoothly. Tickets are sold through yellow vending machines at metro stations, at ticket offices located at some metro stations, at some news stands and at tourist information centers.




Pavel was born in Czechoslovakia during so-called Normalisation, 4 years after a Soviet led invasion. He was raised in the time of communism and he has a close relation to everything Kafkesque because it reminds him of his childhood. In the time of the Velvet Revolution he was 16, so freedom caught him at the right time to bring a welcome bit of chaos into his life. Taking a break from the wild east, Pavel has lived in London, in Dublin, where he met his wife and with her he visited her homeland, Australia. Finally, he landed back on the graves of his ancestors, and during long debates about historical consequenses with his wife, Pavel rediscovered his passion for Prague and its history. He is already so old, that he has become a part of history and before his newborn son will start to understand some human language, he would like to share the story of Czech history with you.

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