Please note that until Wednesday, 27 December, our Free Tour and Third Reich Tour will start from St Peter’s Church (Peterskirche), 200 metres away from our usual meeting point. Just look for our guides and staff wearing red SANDEMANs jackets! Thank you for your understanding.




Patricia is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has been living in Europe since 2007. She originally moved to Prague and worked as a preschool teacher, but her travels took her to London and Madrid, where she worked as a documentary screenwriter and music/tv writer. In addition to tour guiding here in Munich, Patty is a Masters student in English Studies at the LMU. In her free-time, she also loves taking in classical concerts and exploring the Alps with her husband, Harry. 

Patty comes from a Bavarian family and has been visiting her homeland and learning about German culture since childhood, so tour guiding gives her the chance to share her love of Lebkuchen, history and local beer with fellow travellers!

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