Please note that from November 27 until December 24 the Free Tour and the Third Reich Tour will start from St Peter’s Church (Peterskirche)




One look at Brett’s photo and you can already tell, he’s the most handsome guide on staff! Raised in a small town without street lights in western Nebraska, he graduated with his bachelor’s degree and emigrated to Taiwan in the vain hope of finally learning how to use chopsticks properly. After four long years of frustrating rice and dumpling dinners, he moved to a country where forks were fashionable and the language seemed easier (he was wrong). He also decided that getting a Master’s degree centered around history in a city that had more than its fair share of it was an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

Giving Brett the stage to spend hours uninterruptedly speaking to strangers about the same stuff he would annoy his friends and family about while simultaneously showing off his million-dollar smile and charm is all you need to rouse him off his couch and out onto the streets of Munich. When he’s not eating a guilt-inducing Döner at 2am from the nearest Turkish shop, Brett is likely busy with his studies or driving his roommates crazy blasting Gstanzl music throughout the house. Munich has both metaphorically stolen his heart and literally stolen his heart’s previously healthy coronary arteries away (good luck ordering a vegetable in Bavaria). Enjoy the city together with him before he has a stroke!

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