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Visitors to Edinburgh give back to “brilliant” city

Around 40 local residents and visitors took to the sun-soaked streets of Edinburgh on Saturday to give back to the city by collecting litter for an hour.

The initiative, organised by SANDEMANs NEW Edinburgh, was put together to provide visitors with the mechanism to leave an exclusively positive mark on the city. They were thanked with a free ticket to their choice of SANDEMANs’ Dark Side tour or Pub Crawl, and a free beer at Pilgrim Bar, offered by suppliers Matthew Clark.

With a fantastic level of support from Edinburgh City Council, who supplied the litter pickers, bin bags and a pre-event health and safety speech, all participants were in good spirits as they hunted for litter on the Royal Mile and the surrounding streets.

“We know that people visiting Edinburgh love the city as much as we do and would want to do something to show their appreciation for it”, says SANDEMANs Partner Relations Manager Billy Fisher (pictured). "This was a fairly simple way to give them that opportunity, and when we approached the Council with this idea, they were incredibly supportive. We couldn’t have done it without them."

For the visitors who took part in the project, there was an overwhelming sentiment of being impressed with Edinburgh as a city, as well as a deep appreciation for the locals.
Braden Andros, from Chicago, said, “The locals have a great sense of humour. They are brilliant. I’ve met some of the funniest people here. I’m travelling solo and it feels good to help out the city and get a little something back.”

Jacqueline Cheung (pictured), visiting from Hong Kong, had similar feelings. “I find Edinburgh to be a relaxing place. I’m here to rest and enjoy city life. I arrived today; it’s so beautiful.
“People are really nice”, she added. “It seems that they enjoy life so much here. I like it a lot.”

Following the success of the Edinburgh initiative, SANDEMANs aims to help visitors get involved in more community-focused projects in the future, not only in Edinburgh, but across the company’s 18 city network.